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The Best Beach Chairs for Every Lounger

Nothing can take a beach day from good to great quite like being prepared with a few essentials. A Bluetooth speaker, cooler, shade tent and sand-free mat make our good-to-have list. But a quality beach chair? Now, that’s a necessity for seaside relaxation. What to Look for When Buying a Beach Chair When shopping for a beach chair, there are a few things you should consider: portability and weight, functionality and style, and price. If you plan on toting your chair often — or want it to fit i

The Best Beach Umbrella for Sun Protection

Living three hours from a beach means I go often enough that I need a good, reliable umbrella but not enough that it needs to take up precious space in my house. Plus, said umbrella needs to fit in my car with suitcases, a cooler, a car seat and a dog, and it must be easy to haul down to the sand. Enter the Sport-Brella. With more than 3,800 reviews and a 4.3-star rating, families swear by this all-weather canopy, and that's exactly why I bought it. Hitting the beach during a Southern summer sc
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